Solar Power Generation:

Core Team with vast experience of design, installation & commissioning of roof/ground mounted solar power plant.
Tie up with M/s Sunpower Corporations for site specific engineering design & supply of high efficiency solar PV modules.Elcomponics is Authorized System installer of Sun Power corporation.

Projects in Hand :

Roof mounted (Capacity ranging from 5 KW ~ 1000 KW) – 15 Nos
 Ground Mounted (1 MW ~5 MW) – 4 Nos
 Project in pipeline            
 Solar Park (20 MW)



1. Off Grid Solar PV: ETIPL specializes in building Off Grid Solar power plant for locations. It is an effective solution for the locations where electricity supply either not available or it is very erratic and frequent power cuts. The off grid solutions is best to be provided for residential as well as for big commercial loads without interruption. It is also cost effective in areas where there is no power grid as it saves the hassle of investing in expensive and time consuming infrastructure.Solar Power plants harness sunlight to generate electricity and store the same in battery packs. This power can be used as per need both in the day and night. ETIPL undertake turnkey installation of off grid roof top as well as ground mounted solar power plants ranging from 3 KW to 500 KW





2. On Grid Solar PV:  ETIPL offers Grid connected system for captive load as well as to feed in grid. This solution is best solution for big commercial, educational and industrial buildings having big loads. Using Sun-Power module, more capacity module can be installed in small area, proving best solution in buildings have area restriction. Grid connected system have two major component one Modules and other Solar Inverter. DC Power produced from solar panels is converted in AC power by solar inverter and is directly fed to the main panel of building, from where load is distributed.This system is best suited for Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational institutions, big commercial buildings, real estate towers who are using diesel gensets as cost of producing electricity from Solar PV Plant is around 25 cheaper as compared to DG sets cost  etc. ETIPL is undertaking turnkey installation of grid interactive hybrid Solar power plants which can run in fully automatic mode with AC supply, DG sets and also battery bank.





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